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In the tide of globalization emerging power of China TCL the creative three life acronym, meaning the creative life

The TCL group is China's largest Limited by Share Ltd, the global scale of the consumer electronics group, one of the. The overall listing of TCL group (000100.SZ), which owns 3 listing Corporation: TCL multimedia technology (01070.HK), TCL communication technology (2618 HK) and full electronic (1249 HK). Currently has a multimedia, communication, Huaxing Power, electric appliance group, Tongli Electronic Science and technology of five major industries and system of the Department, techne group, the new business group, investment business group, these companies and other business segments.

TCL was founded in 1981, more than 30 years, from Guangdong to Huizhou production tape small joint venture, will gradually expand operations to the telephone, television, mobile phones, refrigerators, washing machines, air-conditioning, small appliances, LCD panels and other fields, to create a plurality of first: the first phone hands-free button, the first 28 inch color TV, the first diamond phone, first domestic notebook computer, the world's first commercial 3D stereoscopic LCD TV, Internet TV, and the first to introduce the world's largest 110 inch four times the full HD (4K2K) 3D LCD tv.

TCL international exploration began in 1999, through a series of self branding and cross-border mergers and acquisitions practice, has laid a solid foundation for the overseas market, to become a leader in China enterprise internationalization. Up to now, TCL75000 employees throughout Asia, the Americas, Europe, Oceania, with sales offices in more than 80 countries and regions worldwide, and has 23 research institutes and 21 manufacturing bases in the world.

In 2013, TCL group's total revenue of 85320000000 yuan, of which, TCL multimedia LCD TV sales in 2013 17184000 units, the global market share of 6.5%, ranking third in the world, with 18.1% of the market share continues to rank first in the Chinese market; TCL mobile phone shipments of 55200000, ranking fifth in the world; Huaxing Power in 2013 sales liquid crystal panel and module products 21628000, ranked the world's fifth largest provider of LCD TV panel. In 2013 TCL brand value of 63900000000, continue to China color TV industry the first brand.

In 2014, TCL group user centric "transformation, to promote smart + Internet" strategy, the establishment of "product + service" business model. Build future oriented operating system, to enhance the technical capacity, industrial capacity, the ability of globalization, to strengthen the user centric operations and service capabilities. In five years the company will become a mainstream manufacturer in the world of intelligent terminal products, smart TV, smart phone sales reached the world's top three mobile users, the ARPU contribution to the development of 100000000 households and 100000000, embarked on the road of Internet technology pioneer, is committed to provide the ultimate experience of the product and services for users, make life more exciting.

The main business of distribution

At present, TCL set up a production and marketing system in the world in dozens of countries and regions, by the R & D center, seventeen of the world's manufacturing plants, forty thousand sales outlets and four supply chain management (product design and manufacturing chain, logistics supply chain, quality chain, product creation and support chain). To achieve an efficient allocation of global resources.

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